Have You Seen This Man?

We must consider the fact that Mr. Lay may be wearing a disguise. It is also possible that he has undergone some plastic surgery to change his appearance. Print out these photos and study them closely, as they may help you to identify Mr. Lay.

Have you seen this man?

Kenny at Epcot Center


CT snapped this photo at Epcot Center in Orlando. The resemblance is striking, is it not?!

Kenny in the airport

Bob was travelling in Costa Rica when he snapped this photos of a familiar looking fellow in the airport...who is that? Could it Be...KENNY?

Pool Party

BB snapped this photo of Ken Lay hanging out in the worthless muddy hole that used to be Wall Street!

An anonymous source sent in this tidbit:

I heard from a very secret source that Ken Lay has already gotten plastic surgery to look like Castro, and will taking over now that Castro is dead...

Well now, we all know Castro is NOT dead (for more information please see www.FidelCastroIsAlive.org...) but we wouldn't be suprised to see crazy old George Bush invade Cuba and try to install some crony of his as soon as he gets the chance. George W. and Jeb Bush are probably at this very moment having wet dreams about tearing down Havana and redeveloping it into a series of high-rise casinos surrounded by sweatshops.

Ken on rickshaw

Ken's in India! Haven't you taken enough rides on the backs of working people? You're insatiable...

Ken Lay on the run

Hey, is that Oscar the Grouch? No, it's Kenny the Crook! Nice digs, you dick. I knew real estate prices were out of control, but this is crazy!!! Looks like you run your life like you ran Enron. Oh, I know, you had NO IDEA what your real estate agent was doing, did you? Awww...poor Kenny, he's just kind of dumb.

Ken Lay in a trashcan

We want to make everyone's voice heard on this subject, so here is a sample from our e-mailbag:

This came from Joe: The connection between the Bush's and Lay is no secret. George Sr., former head of the CIA, even attended his funeral. I imagine pulling off a "witness protection" type scheme to hide Lay is one of the more simple tasks that the CIA spooks are asked to do.

And this from Jordan (we had to edit it a bit...): Kenny Boy is a pathetic p***y who'd rather suffer a massive heart coronary than have to spend ONE f***ing night in jail. Kenny was used to getting whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. The thought of not being able to retreat to a pedicure in Aspen was too much for the frail excuse for a human to bear.

Jim suggests that we: Watch for Linda's (Ken's wife) fall travels to Latin America.

Sack Head Lay
This photo came from Michael. It is genius. Eric sent us more evidence of the party animal back in action! He lives in a dumpster and still pulls in the ladies! Hey, who needs game when you've got $43 million dollars in working peoples' retirement funds?!

What was George thinking? Hey! That isn't the Chancellor of Germany! It's (who else?!) KENNY BOY! No wonder George looks so confused! Oh, okay, he always looks confused! (both of these great photos came from James)

Here is Ken...what are you doing Ken? Isn't this a little bold for a man in hiding? A Dance-off with your Pants-off? And another thing...we know your old but...go to the gym or something.

Ken Lay at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado
Did you know they are remaking the classic movie "The Shining"? Did you know our very own Kenny Boy is going to play the hotel bartender in the new version?! There is a new title as well: "All Power and No Morals Make Kenny a Rich Boy." Watch for it this Summer!

Ken as a furry creature
WOW! Ken looks hot and miserable, but this is a genius disguise!  Amazingly, Phil managed to snap this photo of Ken on his lunch break! Hey Ken, what's with the plastic bottle? Did your assistant forget to pick up your Perrier again?! You should fire that idiot!

If you don't have a camera, remember, you can always make a sketch at home and send it in. Also, be sure to send in possible renderings of what disguises Ken Lay may me employing to hide his identity. These are all very important tools in helping to finding this crook.

Totally off topic, but we just spent 30 minutes listening to Randi Rhoades on Air America Radio. She spent a full five minutes berating a fellow Democrat, calling him a baby, mocking his voice. She couldn't commiserate with him, or help him to understand her points, she just lowered his volume and shouted him down for the sake of ratings. This was followed by a commercial for the local FOX news (on Air America? Go figure.).

We should keep in mind that some (but by no means all) of the people we listen to on the radio, and on the news, or on the television do not care about us or our lives. They make hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars per year to stand before you and glorify themselves. They talk like Democrats but live like Republicans. We must understand that some people care more about money and tooting their own horn than fighting for real change. We have to learn to judge these people as individuals and take them all with a grain of salt. Are they looking out for you, or for themselves?

Like many wealthy people, their comfortable lives have caused them to grow lazy and ignorant. They are not like you, working 60 hours a week making $25,000 a year with no benefits. They go home to their mansions or penthouse apartments every night and sleep soundly, with no worries in the world other than how they will berate the next caller, or exploit the next issue, to their own glorification and that of their corporate employers.

If any change is to come to this country, it is going to come from the grassroots. Don't listen to the radio or watch television to find out about the problems we are facing. Listen to your friends, listen to your co-workers, talk to the people standing in the street. Talk to people in your county whom you respect. Read a local paper that speaks to you. Talk about your problems and the problems in your town, and try to do small things to make a difference. Talk to friends in other states, form like-minded groups in different areas and share ideas. The larger groupings we form and the more people we can communicate with, the bigger will be the things that we, as working people in America, will accomplish. Keep in mind that the internet is an amazing and amazingly inexpensive medium (this site costs 32 cents a day to run). Instead of listening to some over-paid, under-worked loudmouth, listen to yourself for what you want changed and then make your own voice heard.

-- Americans for Equal Justice

Michael, aka the Wilderbeast, sent in the following photo and these thoughts:

"Thank you for hosting these pictures and text to disgrace this fraud of a man. I do believe he is on some beach somewhere soaking in the sun and laughing a sly little giggle every time he finishes a beer. Why do these men who steal so much get away with it when a man who steals $50.00 can actually go to jail?"

We don't know Mike, but we sure are sick of it.
lay-ing on the beach

Ken enjoying himself on the beach with a lady friend

A woman we can only identify as "Ms. G" sent in this information:

Someone who knows a person who claims Lay is alive, says he was helicoptered out of Aspen and then went to Argentina.

Seems plausible to us, too bad for Argentina though.

Hey Ken, FYI: 43,000,000.00 United States Dollars = 132,495,900.00 Argentina Pesos, that means you will arrive with an amount equal to the per capita income of 3,100 Argentinians. Who says crime doesn't pay, huh Ken?

On the lighter side, this came from Ryan:

I always thought this whole "heart attack" thing was nonsense, as everyone knows Mr. Lay had no heart.

And this from Dave:

Everyone talks about how Ken Lay rose from a life of poverty to become on of the richest CEOs in America. You really have to respect the way he managed to pull himself up by our bootstraps.

Ken lay going potty The bodyguard: starring Ken Lay
Well Ken, it has finally come to this. We have a picture of you on the potty. Hey Ken, Do you wipe with hundred dollar bills? Yeah, because those were like, you know, for my retirement. Wow Ken, wow. Two questions: Who is your new friend, and how much did those fancy bracelets cost? Hey Ken, you shouldn't get so close to your bodyguards. Who are you? Whitney?

Ed sent us this bit of info to think about:

Hola! I have been trying to establish exactly who saw Ken Lay's dead body before he was conveniently cremated with his ashes scattered in the Colorado mountains. Were any federal law enforcement officials involved, or was it simply the local coroner? Can you please send me any links to this information?

It is a good question. A man awaiting a decades long sentance and owing $43 million in fines walks free and then word of his "death" comes from the local coroner in Aspen (a town which is nothing but a ski resort for the very, very rich and well-connected)? Didn't the feds send anyone to investigate? Sounds fishy to me. Help Ed out by sending us any information on this question.

Jeff Skilling nervous breakdown Now, We don't want people to think we are just picking on poor old Ken. We would make fun of Jeffrey Skilling as well, but frankly, that guy is headed for a major nervous breakdown anyway. And he is going to prison for a looooong time. Jeff Skilling nervous breakdown

Almost immediately after posting the pictures of Skilling, Evkha sent us these disturbing reports. It would not suprise us if everyone associated with this massive defrauding of the working people of America were to walk free.

Hey, I love your website. Your comment about Skilling having much to worry about is unfortunately not as true as we would assume. You see, now that Lay is "dead", the whole case, including Skilling's is invalidated. Outrageous, is it not? Here read this:

http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=13859 On that note, feel free to also send in sightings of Jeffery Skilling. (Come on people, the faces in the two pictures I posted above are a comedy goldmine.)

Ken Lay with Kim Jong-Il Ken Lay with Elvis
This photo of Ken standing next to our Dear Leader (well, not OUR dear leader) was sent in by Lance. Has Ken joined the Axis of Evil? The Axis of Ken-Evil? Evil Ken-Evil? That was a terrible joke, but we stand by it. (Much like Ken stands by his innocent plea). An anonymous donor (don't worry, we'll keep your identity secret, Elvis...oh, oops!) sent in this photo.

>Here are two hot tips sent in by our newest investigators, David and Jim:

I saw him buying a $3 tie-dye this morning at the Stuckey's just west of St. Louis on I-70. He appeared to have a very fresh tattoo on his right arm reading "DUH-BYA Rocks".

and Bob Lanier [the mayor of Houston who collapsed to the floor during Ken Lay's funeral] got a call from Kenny boy during the memorial service and told him to meet him in Aruba for 9 holes of golf. It choked up Bob and he had to be taken away.

Ken Lay the Astronaut
Here is some evidence sent in by Jeff. Hey Ken, where did you get the money to be a space tourist? Oh yeah, off the backs of hard-working Americans! So how was it Ken? Does the Earth look cool from up there? Can you really she Great Wall of China? Wow Ken, you are SO fascinating..

We found this on Reuters New Service today, regarding Ken Lay's funeral:

The Reverend Dr. Bill Lawson compared Lay with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ, and said his name would eventually be cleared.

Now, we at Americans for Equal Justice don't claim to be experts on Martin Luther King or Jesus, but COME ON. I mean, seriously. Jesus Christ? The Prince of Peace who said it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven? That Jesus Christ? Or is there another Jesus Christ who I don't know about who enriched himself and his family at the expense of hard-working folks while leading the collapse of a huge corporation? Because I am confused here, Reverend. And Martin Luther King, Jr.? A man of God who was killed trying to reverse a 400-year-old racial injustice being perpetrated on 20 million Americans? Are you comparing him to THAT Martin Luther King?!?!?!

Please Reverend, just quietly bury the man and ask the family to give back the money. Link to Reuters article

Ken Lay as Bigfoot Ken Lay the Moran
Now were talking...Bigfoot Dude sent in this one (and yes, this is the one we've all been hoping for!). Ken Lay HAS been sighted in the Pacific Northwest, but what is with that suit Ken? You better watch out Kenny, haven't you seen "Grizzly Man"?! Finally, the real picture! You might have seen this one with some other dude's face, but here is the real one.

Ken at Eurodisney Ken in Tanzania
Hey, maybe Ken is dead! I mean we all knew he was going to hell, but all the way down to the level of hell which requires you to have your photo taken with some lame-ass "Toy Story" characters?! But this picture from Brad shows that he is there indeed...and thankfully, he doesn't look happy at all! Jenna, who recently returned from a Peace Corps mission in Tanzania, sent us this photo and letter: "On my last day in-country I snapped this picture of the oddest little man riding his bicycle. He really seemed to be enjoying himself by popping wheelys and pulling dust-donuts." Backpacking across Africa on your BMX? Whoa, and check out that major farmer's tan!

Ken Lay Lap Dance Samson is really bringing down the house with more photos of ">Ken Gone Wild!" Hey, be careful Ken, we don't want you to have ANOTHER heart attack! Ken Lay Lap Dance 2

Ken Lay as a gnome Ken Lay partying again
Duncan sent in this photo of Ken Lay disguised as a gnome hanging out near the Eiffel Tower (or as we like to call it, the "FREEDOM Tower"). Hey Ken, when you drink expensive French wine, do you pretend it is the tears of the people whose lives you ruined? I bet you do! An anonymous donor sent in this photo of Kenny Boy partying it up (AGAIN!). Those girls look pretty excited, he must have whipped out his...roll of thousand-dollar bills? Question: What costs more, a night of Ken partying or your pension? Haha! It's a trick question! You won't be getting a pension!!!

William sent in this link to an informative story in the Colorado Indymedia. It explains how rumors about Ken Lay not being dead are hurtful to his family. Well, in that case, Americans for Equal Justice would like to present the Lay family with this check for $43 million dollars put together from the retirement funds of good hard working Americans! Hope it helps!


Hey, here is what Kelly thinks, and we tend to agree:

I will not believe he is dead unless Al Franken and Michael Moore both view the body, extract DNA and check for a heartbeat (that is, if he ever had one to begin with) and then declare him dead on the Nightly News!!

Or Maybe Howard Dean can assure us..."HE'S DEEAAAAD!!!!"

Seriously though, Ken Lay is ALIVE. We trust the coroner of Aspen to tell us the truth about a dead rich guy about as much as we trust The Wall Street Journal to tell us the truth about Hugo Chavez.

Tim sent us this AMAZING photo of Ken Lay running with the bulls in Spain. It is truly one of the most remarkable pieces of evidence we have.

Hey Ken, I knew you always ran with the BULLSH*T, but real bulls too?! You're too much, you crooked scumbag! Hey Kenny Boy, which gave you the bigger rush, running with the bulls, or destroying good working people's hopes of a decent retirement? I bet it was ruining people's lives wasn't it! How fascinating!
Ken Lay running with the bulls
Although we here at www.kenlayisalive.org do like to joke around, we will publish any real information about the whereabouts of Ken Lay. Take the following letter for instance, it comes from Mr. Howard Hughes (Not THAT Howard Huges, he's DEAD!)

Dear Sirs:

I thought you'd be interested to know that while camping in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, we saw Ken Lay walking in the campsite next to us. He was accompanied by an 8' tall Sasquatch, 8 tiny reindeer and the cheshire cat.

Keep hope alive,

Howard Hughes

We are hot on the trail ladies and gentlemen, hot on the trail indeed!
Ken Lay hiding in Afghanistan?

Dick at the Weekly World Inquisitor sent in this story. Looks like old Kenny Boy has moved to Afghanistan and used his "business skills" to take over the opium business there. With Ken's bad record, I guess we can ALL forget about getting any heroin for a while! But with his $43 million, he should be very well supplied himself!

For the full story, check out:


Ken Lay having fun Ken Lay Fake Death
William sent in this one as well. Hey does Mrs. Lay know about this? Or is she the one on the right? William sent in this photo, looks like $43 million makes you the hit of the party, doesn't it Ken?!

Ken Lay in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina Ken Lay and E.T.
Is this Ken Lay "embezzling" some supplies during some recent flooding? Follow up! Call your local authourities and news outlets and report him! Courtesy of www.sexiest-celebrities.com (click the photo for a link). Look! It is Ken Lay escaping with some school children! Call The cops RIGHT NOW! Courtesy of www.sexiest-celebrities.com (click the photo for a link).