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Skilling's Sentance Reduced by a DECADE

Skilling rewarded for doing what he should have done in 2006 - returning millions of his ill-gotten gains. This completely ignores the $23 Million he spent on his legal fees - some of went to members of his own family.

Comparisons to a "lynching" by Houston attorney Tom Kirkendall show not only an ignorance of history, but also of the facts of the case.

Nov 27: Latest Op-Eds

Los Angeles Times:
Enron's Jeff Skilling doesn't deserve a break

"Is a 14-year prison term sufficient punishment for Skilling's role in a $45-billion disaster? Given that to this day he blames Enron's fall on other people, plainly he doesn't show even the modicum of remorse that's expected of a common jailbird at a parole hearing." read more...

Letters: Enron's Skilling and his jail cell

"Skilling is trying to pay his way out of jail, and if he succeeds, he will have reduced our justice system to rubble." read more...

Beaumont Enterprise: Skilling Got Off Too Easy

"If Jeff Skilling had been your average criminal who stole a lot of money, he probably would have served every day of his long sentence. But as the former CEO of Enron, he benefitted from the double standard that helps too many white-collar criminals.

He had the money to hire top-notch lawyers, who kept chipping away at his sentence with appeals. And finally they succeeded, getting prosecutors to agree to a reduced sentence." read more...

Interesting article. The inside scoop on the sentencing process
Prison and Class in The United States of America

I guess we are all just supposed to forget about this?

Man gets six months in jail for stealing $2 worth of candy

REMEMBER: The same D.O.J. that hounded young Aaron to his DEATH now wants to set a corrupt corporate bigwig free, an arrogant theif who cheated hard working families out of millions of thier hard earned dollars. The D.O.J. will let a real criminal walk free while they put Aaron in his grave.

We at KLIA are not fans of the USA's prison system. And our being supportive of Jeff Skilling serving his original sentence is not an endorsement of the system of "Justice" we have here in the United States. But certainly this is the only option for punishing these white-collar criminals at this point. In light of the DOJ failing to punish anyone in regards to the financial crash of 2007 show us that it is remarkable that a corporate crook like Jeff Skilling is being punished at all.

The fact is that the US prison system is a system of punishing poor people (especially poor people of color) harshly while letting white-collar criminals walk free. We live in a country where people convicted of minor crimes (often caught up in race-based dragnets) face harsher sentences than people who gamed our national economy for their own personal gain. Increasingly harsh sentences are being faced by people who are convicted crimes of conscience. Environmentalists and animal rights activists are put into the same category of as violent terrorists. Even when facing his original sentence, Jeff Skilling did not face the same prison-time prosecutors presented Aaron with.

The system needs to change fundamentally. We have millions of people being monitored daily by the US criminal justice system, couldn't a few be spared and put to work monitoring the actions of criminals on Wall Street?

If Skilling truly confessed to his crimes and showed a genuine remorse, then perhaps that could be taken into consideration. Perhaps if Skilling had simply returned his ill-gotten gains to those whom he stole it from, that could be taken into consideration. But instead, Skilling has been holding the money owed to his victims hostage, paying tens of millions* to his lawyers (...and his younger brother) to file appeal after appeal, thereby keeping the funds unavailable to those whom it rightfully belongs to. Instead of doing the right thing, Jeff Skilling is once again gaming the system at the expense of his victims.

* One of Skilling's worst crime was that, conspiring with insider knowledge that Enron's books were cooked and the corporation was broke, to cash out of his Enron stock when it was valued at $60 million dollars (on top of his regualr salary which peaked at $132 Million in a single year), while at the same time telling the public and Enron's employees that the corporation was in excellent financial condition. It is interesting to note what has happened to this money since his conviction. According to Wikipedia: "Skilling spent $40 million in preparation for the trial, of which at least $23 million went to his defense lawyers' retainer. Skilling's younger brother Mark is an attorney and assisted his legal team during the criminal trial." Business Insider: "The more than $40 million that Skilling will contribute to victims pales in comparison to the amount of money he has spent on legal fees. Skilling's legal defense reportedly had cost some $70 million by 2006, the year he was sentenced. He has been involved in costly appeals since then."

DOJ Documents Related to Skilling Case

from TruthDig

NewsFix: Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling may be released early

"All those people who lost all that money back in 2001 have the chance to object by April 17, and we’ll probably hear from a bunch of them. It’s been more than a decade, but they’re still pretty ticked.

All a new sentence means for them is delay in seeing any of the $45 million in restitution Skilling agreed to pay."

MSNMoney: Enron fraud-master Jeff Skilling may serve less time

"The Justice Department wants to reduce his 24-year sentence, but the original judge, former employees and investors will have a say."

WSJ: 'Enron Ex-CEO Could See Shorter Sentence'


"On Thursday, the U.S. Justice Department sent a notice to former Enron employees, shareholders and other victims saying it was considering entering into an agreement with Mr. Skilling "to resolve certain disputed matters concerning sentencing," but didn't specify those issues."

Global Capitalism Report - Feb 2013 by Richard D. Wolff

  • This crisis continues to hollow out the middle class and make the broad majority of the American people suffer.
  • The longer it goes on and the more we watch an end to it fail to materialize, the more we can see that the crisis is, in fact, just the latest form Capitalism itself has taken.
  • If the crisis is capitalism and capitalism is unquestionable as a system, then the crisis will never end. The crisis and even our political leaders response to it provide the most powerful in our society the tools they need to keep their hold on power and wealth of the country. Their hold deepens while the rest of us face deepening economic wounds and alienation from our democracy.
  • Unless we have a big change, there will be no change. Even if we could manage a reform, it would just lead us back here again, eventually. That change is workplace democracy and worker control over the enterprises they are employed in.
  • The big story is still the great recession. In the most recent quarterly economic reports, output of goods and services dropped, and unemployment rose.
  • But to say that the country is still experiencing the crisis, in this the sixth year of the downturn with no end in sight, is to ignore the fact that a certain sector of the country, the very rich, have recovered. Banks and most other corporate profits are doing very well. The stock market is moving upwards. More than this, we are seeing the same kind of shenanigans from those doing well as before – tax havens and basic corruption.
  • This is happening because the only policy tool being used by politicians at this point is austerity. In Europe, they adminsiter austerity. In the United States they dress it in political theater like the “Fiscal Cliff” and “the Deficit”.
  • The part of the economy workers rely on are being eviscerated by this. In the US, taxes are being raised on everyone who works while at the same time benefits are running out. This is causing drops in demand which only hurt the working people's economy further. This drop in demand is exacerbated by falling real wages and people exiting the workforce in great numbers. This vicious cycle is the continuing hollowing out of the middle class.
  • The obvious question: If this government austerity is not helping the economy now, why do politicians continue with it? Quite simply because our government is in the control of conservatives and they like it this way. Especially now that we face a crisis, the rich have to destroy any chance that the government might respond to the democratic will of the people. The austerity began with the bailouts for the rich, it continues to prevent a recovery and a political reaction against them, and the end result is to keep those who have always been in power at the top. Looked at from this angle, the crisis seems to have no end.
  • The fact is that there is something bigger than just the crisis, which is the fact that global capitalism is “moving on” from the United States. Technology and the rise of living standards in foreign markets have provided them with workers – on every kind of job from the lowest paying to the most technically intensive professional work – in other, lower-cost countries. The fact is we are facing a major societal shift that the American people are not at all prepared for.
  • If we are in a permanent state of decline, then we have no choice but to change the system. During the Great Depression, we attempted to reform the system, but it brought us right back here. Reform has failed. So what is next?
  • We must have a profound change. If this is what Capitalism has delivered again and again, then we must must admit Capitalism is finished. The answer is to move politics and democracy into the sphere of the economy. If workers have control over their workplaces, then they will not outsource their own jobs or produce huge societal inequality. The positive effects will extend into other as worker's enterprises affect politics and secure the safety of our environment.


Bloomberg reports that "Skilling, now serving a 24-year prison sentence for misleading his company’s investors, intends to seek a retrial."
Skilling has been challenging his conviction for five years. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed that Skilling had been convicted, at least in part, on an improper legal theory. The high court sent his case to the federal appeals court in New Orleans for further review. The appellate court in turn upheld the verdicts, finding that evidence against him was sufficient to have convicted him regardless of the improper legal theory.

If he had spent as much time trying not to be a scumbag as he sepends trying to weasel his wayout of doing his time, everthing might be okay.

Skilling files for Supreme Court review

The Supreme Court ruled that the instructions concerning a conspiracy charge given to the jury in Skilling's trial were not appropriate based on the honest services fraud theory, which revolves around an executive of a company breaking trust defined as "the intangible right of honest services."

Amnesty for Corporate Crooks
How Skilling Might Walk (Video)

How skilling Might Walk

"What the Supreme Court has done is basically prohibit federal prosecutors from using their most common technique for prosecuting white collar crime. And the first ... benificiary ... is Jeff Skilling." -Jeffery Toobin, CNN Legal Analyst

Fraud Field Day: U.S. court ruling erodes corruption cases

Appeals Court Tosses Some Fraud Counts Against Schools Chief:A federal appeals court has reversed the conviction of a former Maryland school district chief for "honest-services fraud," but upheld counts involving evidence and witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Hornsby was in a romantic relationship with a saleswoman for the contractor, LeapFrog SchoolHouse, and was charged with steering the $956,000 contract to her and later covering up e-mails and other evidence. The high court said the statute was largely confined to fraudulent schemes involving bribes and kickbacks, and did not cover conflicts of interest.

Fraud convictions overturned for Philly assessor and developer: A U.S. District Court judge's decision to overturn the conviction of a former Philadelphia tax assessor who accepted $20,000 in cash is the latest fallout from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that has undermined many public corruption cases. Former assessor James Lynch accepted money in an envelope after he'd helped a businessman get a lower tax bill. Since there was no evidence he'd asked for the cash, he wasn't charged under bribery laws. [Ed. - Emphasis Added]

Corrupt Republican Politicians Benefiting from SCOTUS Decision: Former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno could be facing a new corruption trial. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals threw out Bruno's 2009 fraud conviction Wednesday, November 16th. The Republican had originally been accused of abusing his power by accepting millions of dollars in contracts from companies that worked with the state. [ read more... ] is Proud to be representing at #OccupyWallStreet!

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#OWS photo gallery

1,470 of the Nation's Wealthiest Citizens
Pay Zero in Taxes.

Surprised? You Shouldn't Be.

They own this place. You're just renting.


Ken Lay, CEO of Enron Corp.


Americans for Equal Justice is pleased to bring you this informative website devoted to tracking the movements of the "late" Kenneth L. Lay, convicted felon and former CEO of Enron Corporation.

apple has more cash than the us government

Coups, Revolutions, and Enron:
The Egypt Connection

The Power Elite: Enron and Frank Wisner

Frank Wisner: US Envoy's Business Link to Egypt

"On 28 October 1997, Enron Corporation announced the entry of Frank G. Wisner Jr. onto its board of directors. His lineage is impeccable, since his father, Frank Wisner Sr., was a senior CIA official (from 1947 until his suicide in 1965) who was involved in the overthrow of Arbenz of Guatemala (1954) and Mossadeq of Iran (1953)."

The "Autopsy" Report! See it Here!

It is noteworthy that he was declared dead on Tuesday, though the date of death was Wednesday ... perhaps it was just a typo or possibly it is one of those accidental "ghosts" which arise from inconsistent use of word processing software. Basically, a person inserts the date which is automatically updated; in some places using the day plus date for automatic update and in another location typing in the day of the week and using the automatically updated date. Consequently when it is printed, in the first location the day of the week remains the day it was written while the date changes; in the later both change resulting in an unnoticed inconsistency. This process would require that there be some foreknowledge of the report writer that Ken Lay would die (?) the next day.

A Serious Question Regarding the "Death" of Dr. Kenneth Lay

Mrs C. wants to know:
I am curious ... the Aspen coroner is Steve Ayers ... why was Lay's "death" pronounced by some other coroner from down valley???
An interesting and fair question. Would anyone like to call the Pitkin County Coroner's office and find out? Here are the numbers:
Pitkin County Coroner (Dr. Steve Ayers): (970) 920-5310
Pitkin County Deputy Coroners: (970) 920-5300
The coroner who did the autopsy is Dr. Robert Kurtzman. He is the coroner of Mesa County, where Ken Lay did not die.
Mesa County Coroner (Dr. Kurtzman): 2021 N. 12th St., Grand Junction, CO
Mailing Address: PO Box 4235 Grand Junction, CO 81502
Telephone: (970) 248-0204

More Ken Lay content below, but first...

The economy is awful, taxes on the wealthy are too high, and everyone is hurting, right?

Yeah, right... In this world, economic pain is just for the little guy.

Have You Seen This Man?

Have you seen this man?

Help Bring This Criminal to Justice.

Ken Lay, Enron CEO in Handcuffs
Americans for Equal Justice is providing this site as a public service for all of those who demand that white-collar criminals be brought to justice. We welcome and will publish any and all relevant information on the whereabouts of Kenneth L. Lay. Americans for Equal Justice strongly suggests that you not only report your findings to us, but most importantly, to your local news outlets. Please send any links to news outlets reporting your sightings to our organization as well.

You may send all of your reports to

We here at Americans for Equal Justice feel strongly that the possibility exists that Mr. Lay, like Hitler, Elvis, and Tupac before him, has faked his own death in order to avoid any more unwanted public scrutiny. If this is true, then it is our responsibility as good Americans to bring this criminal to justice by reporting his whereabouts to the proper authorities.

We're looking for you Ken!

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You Call This Justice???

No Justice: "Scumbag" Skilling gets a new home
From the Houston Chronicle

Former Enron Chief Executive Jeff Skilling has been moved to a low-security prison in Colorado because the Minnesota prison where he started his 24-year sentence in 2006 is being turned into an all-women’s facility. Skilling attorney Daniel Petrocelli said he visited his client this week at the Federal Correctional Institution-Englewood in the Denver suburb of Littleton. Skilling is awaiting a decision from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans on the appeal of his 2006 conviction on 19 counts of conspiracy, fraud, lying to auditors and insider trading. “He’s doing remarkably well given the impossible circumstances he finds himself in,” Petrocelli said. “All his hopes rest on this appeal.”

The "Law" is "Evolving"

Enron executives may get new trials

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008

Almost seven years after the energy giant Enron collapsed, a series of court decisions have opened the door to new trials for some of the convicted corporate executives and threatened to hobble the Justice Department’s efforts to pursue future corporate-fraud cases.

It is almost as hard to punish a white collar criminal as it is to fill up your gas tank these days!


Here it comes: Scumbag Skilling to be set Free?!

Date for former Enron CEO's appeal set.

Feb. 25, 2008

Lawyers for former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling and the government will soon face off once again as his side argues to erase his convictions while prosecutors seek to maintain them.

Extra Plus: A little info about the "jail" Skilling is being held at: Click HERE

Extra Extra Plus: The Blog of an insane woman who is droolingly in love with Jeff Skilling. You know, those women who write love letters to Jeffrey Dahmer and Scott Peterson, she has whatever mental illness they have: Click HERE

BREAKING NEWS: The System is Rigged.

Court declines to hear Enron investors' case.

Jan. 22, 2008

The Supreme Court today refused to hear a last appeal from Enron investors to punish banks they allege colluded with the energy company to cook its books.

Surprise, Surprise:
Bush Administration sides with companies
in case that could kill Enron shareholder lawsuits

August 15, 2007

Investors seeking redress from third parties accused of aiding companies to defraud shareholders suffered a blow on Wednesday when the Bush administration came down against the plaintiffs' bar and in favour of companies in a landmark case heading to the Supreme Court.

The development is also a blow for Enron investors who have sued the defunct energy company's bankers - including Merrill Lynch, Barclays and Credit Suisse – for allegedly helping Enron executives carry out the accounting fraud that eventually destroyed the company.

Judge Revokes Lay's Conviction

Ruling Rankles Enron Workers, Investors
By Carrie Johnson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 18, 2006; Page D01

A federal judge in Houston yesterday wiped away the fraud and conspiracy conviction of Kenneth L. Lay, the Enron Corp. founder who died of heart disease in July, bowing to decades of legal precedent but frustrating government attempts to seize nearly $44 million from his family.

The ruling worried employees and investors who lost billions of dollars when the Houston energy-trading company filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2001. It also came more than a week after Congress recessed for the November elections without acting on a last-ditch Justice Department proposal that would have changed the law to allow prosecutors to seize millions of dollars in investments and other assets that Lay controlled.

The Fix is In! Judge Rules Proceedings Must End With Defendant's "Death"

The Judge:

Apparently if he had only waited a week to make the following ruling, congress would have passed legislation which would allow criminal proceedings to go on after a "death"!

Prosecutors asked Lake to defer a ruling on the erasure request until October 23, 2006, the date Lay was to be sentenced, so as to give time for Congress to pass new legislation that would preserve convictions despite a defendant’s death. In this week’s filing, Lay lawyer Samuel Buffone is seeking to expedite Lake’s ruling on the grounds that Congress adjourned last Saturday with neither introduction nor passage of any such bills. If Lake approves the request, the government would be unable to seize ill-gotten cash and property through the criminal case, and would instead be forced to build a forfeiture case in civil courts.

Background and Related Documents

Search's archive of Ken Lay and Enron related articles by clicking HERE.



(From Bloomberg News, July 5th, 2006)

Enron's Founder Kenneth Lay, 64, Dies in Colorado (Update9)

July 5 (Bloomberg) -- Kenneth Lay, who built Enron Corp. into the world's largest energy trader and was convicted of the fraud that led to its collapse, died today near Aspen, Colorado. He was 64.

``Ken Lay passed away early this morning,'' his spokeswoman Kelly Kimberly said in a statement. ``The Lays have a very large family with whom we need to communicate. Out of respect for them we are not releasing any more information at this time.'' Lay's defense lawyer Mike Ramsey said through a spokeswoman that his client died ``from what appears to have been a heart attack.''

Lay and his successor as Enron's chief executive officer, Jeffrey Skilling, 52, were convicted May 25 of spearheading the fraud that plunged Enron into bankruptcy in December 2001. Lay and Skilling were scheduled to be sentenced in October. Lay, who was also convicted of bank fraud, was facing the rest of his life in federal prison.

Ill-Gotten Gains

Lay's death will complicate the government's bid to recover Lay's any ill-gotten gains, said David Irwin, a former federal prosecutor who is now a white-collar defense attorney in Towson, Maryland. Lay testified at trial that he was broke, Irwin said. The government has said that it believes he still had more than $40 million left.

``Prior to his death, the government could just say: `Hand over $40 million,''' Irwin said. ``Prosecutors are now going to have to show that individual assets they want to seize were bought with funds illegally received from Enron. It's going to be a lot more work for them now.''

The government will have to go after Mr. Lay's estate to see if there's anything recoverable, Irwin said. Shareholders with lawsuits against Lay face the same challenge, he said.

``The shareholders will still try to get a judgment against Mr. Lay's estate and then track down assets to enforce the judgment,'' he said.
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